Art is powerful. It always has been, and always will be. Art has the capacity to touch the depths of your soul, in the places where words can’t fit.     - Crystal Sprague

Knolle e.V.

Art with Kids

Knolle e.V. gives children and teens the opportunity to express and realize themselves creativly. The main focus lies on traumatized refugee kids.

Through creative work the affected persons can communicate their experiences better and can process their emotions. Through this, they find back to themsselves, regain emotional stability and higher self-confidence.


The Bus

A studio on wheels

With our bus, which is rebuild so that there is enough space to work inside creativly, we do outreach work. This means, because of the busses flexibility we can reach more destinations and therefore more children in need as well.


Professional Support

As association chairman, I am and art intermediary as well. I am driving the bus and work on-site with the youths. With my art therapeutic background and diverse experiences in working with trauma such as refugees, I aim to give children and teens a place where they can lett go their fears and realize their dreams creativly.

The team members of Knolle e.V. are supporting me actively in any neccessary way!


Samantha Moll

Dinslakener Landstraße 9

46483 Wesel



TEL: +49 157 579 117 96

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