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Mother nature designed a “Knolle” (German for bulb, tuber) in such a way, that it can store reserve substances to endure void living conditions. With a hand full of earth, some water and light, through metamorphosis, the bulb creates a wonderful flower.


Something similar happens to people who have been exposed to trauma.  It is not unusual for some traumatized people to retire into a protective cover because of their experiences. Often, they chose to have less social contact, seem unemotional, distant or dissociated. But with the right kind of attention, trust and empathy a metamorphosis can happen within them as well leading them to develop higher emotional stability and bigger self-confidence.


The members of the association Knolle, aim to regain kids’ and teens’ self-confidence through art. In our art-bus, young people will have the chance to be active in healing through art, with an experienced art therapist.



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